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Beingfit kitchen is a pioneer in serving nutritionally balanced,perfectly portioned meal delivery service,we provide a wide variety of freshly prepared calorie-counted meals for fitness freaks. We blend the right skill and expertise to ensure that your meal is not just healthy, But also tasty & varied. The meals are packed in hygienic, contamination-proof packaging with detailed nutritional content printed on each package. Don’t confuse our service for the bland,dull – diets,or complicated fad diets. Instead,our service is a lifestyle choice – providing each meal,designed with balanced nutrition – a judicious mix of carbohydrates and proteins,high fibre content,low fat content and minimal cholesterol. We take preventive measures for salads and fruits,maintaining hygiene standards.

We Are Passionate About Healthy Living – A Step Towards A Revolution In Healthy Eating. We Are Committed To Sourcing Ingredients Containing The Highest Levels Of Available Vitamins, Minerals And Super Foods.

Eat well – it’s not a diet,it’s a lifestyle!

Our goal is to provide you with delicious food that you relish and also helps you maintain your “best in shape“ We also provide healthy catering options to offices.

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